Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake is an awesome online multiplayer (IO) game boasting high quality graphics and an expansive progressive experience.  Little Big Snake is very similar to games like or Worm Zone but what they lack this game more than makes up for. It has more than one type of gameplay, you can play as a juja and fly around the map collecting orbs.

Complete challenges and missions to unlock more abilities and skills within the skill tree to aid in your journey 

Fight: Control a snake, fight others online and consume good to increase your size.

Fly: Upon death you can be born into a Juja, Fly around the map consuming food, Avoid snakes!

Eat: Slugs and orbs are your source of food, devour them to increase size and score


Lots of skins to select and choose from


  • Multiplayer (IO)

  • Leaderboard system

  • Progression through missions and skill upgrades

  • Snake customisation

  • High quality graphics

  • Different playable creatures (Snakes, beetles, juja)


NeoDinamika are the ones behind Little Big Snake

Similar Games:

Little Big Snake is a classic IO style of game, if you like playing as a snake-like creature, why not check out or Worm Zone


Web browsers (PC and mobile)

Release Date:

Sept 2019 (WebGL)

Jan 2018 (Flash)


Left Mouse Button = Boost

Mouse = Movement