Two-Timin' Towers


Two-Timin’ Towers is very similar to the classic tower defence genre competing with the likes of ‘Bloons Tower Defence’ or ‘Defence Grid’ with a slight twist, the towers you place are susceptible to friendly fire. Not only do you have to place towers to defeat waves of various enemies but you also have to avoid the bullet hell that commences each round!

Two-Timin’ Towers won the Game Jam 2020 awards and Indie Lift 2020 ranking first in each. The goal is to survive each wave by placing towers that fire automatically along the enemy’s path whilst also avoiding being hit yourself. Each round gets harder and warrants more towers but unfortunately also contributes to the increased dodging you’ll need to do.


  • Many towers to place

  • Friendly fire! Avoid your own tower’s bullets

  • Difficult

  • Different enemies


Aaron Shaw - Director

Zachary Richman - Director / Writer

Phoenix Richard - Programmer

Huntrox - Programmer

Adrian Karmanski - SFX

Lord Neptune - Music (Check out his tunes:

Bluzi - Pixel Artist / Animator

Slavik Rubash - Splash Art

Victor Abda - Bullet SFX

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Two-Timin’ Towers is a tower defence game very similar to Endless Siege or King Rugni Tower Defence.


Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

July 2020


- Using the wrench can deflect friendly bullets and knock back enemies

- Cornering yourself is an effective strategy at avoiding bullets (Leave a gap to collect loot or escaping in needed)


Arrow Keys/ WASD = Movement

Left Mouse Button = Place/Destroy towers

Right Mouse Button = Cancel selection

'E' = Detonate Bombs