Summary: is a fast paced pixelated first-person shooter. The aim once loaded is to take down as many enemies as possible with pin-point precision or join the other game modes on offer for a different play-style. There are loads of maps to choose from made by both the developers and fans with hundreds of servers to load into much like the hit game ‘Counter Strike'. 

As well as the vast quantity of environments there’s also 11 characters to choose from: Agent, Hunter, Rocketeer, Bowman and more! Plus weapon customisation for the ultimate play style that suits you. Instantly join now and get in on the action!


  • 11 Classes to choose from

  • Multiple maps and environments

  • Unique challenges to complete

  • Simple blocky aesthetics for pleasing FPS fun


Yendis Entertainment (Sidney De Vries)

Similar Games:

Similar shoot em-up games we have to offer are: which is a futuristic online multiplayer game but also Bullet Force a 'Counter Strike' style game.


Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

June 2018


WASD = Movement

Left Mouse Button = Shoot/Fire

Right Mouse Button = Aim

‘R’ = Reload

'Q' = Switch to Melee

'F' = Deploy spray

'X' = Inspect weapon

'G' = Pick up weapon

'F' = Free movement whilst in Spectate mode

'V' Enable voice-chat

Tab = Leaderboards

Enter = Chat

Space = Jump

Shift = Crouch

(Game keys can be fully rebound in the game settings)