Hello Guys


Hello Guys is an incredibly fun and addictive 2D side scroller-platformer game featuring online multiplayer and many game modes to play! You must jump, slide, fall, race and beat everyone. Each obstacle gets more and more crazy as you progress so stay focused and parkour your way to the end.

Parkour Man: A classic 2D obstacle course, beat opponents and reach the end 1st

Steal Eggs: Move Eggs from one basket to another before others to gain a higher score

Memory Matter: Try and remember where the fruit was. Only one will be safe to stand under

Jump Champion: Hit the ball for points!

Ice and Cliff: Stay on the melting iceberg

Urgent! Urgent!: Reach the bottom and the toilet first!

Be Careful Bombs: Reach the end, use power-ups to do it


  • Arcade online multiplayer (IO) fun

  • Leaderboard system (Always know who is 1st in the obstacle race)

  • Adorable 2D graphics featuring characters from Fall Guys

  • Many skins and customisation

  • Many different game modes: Parkour Man, Steal Eggs, Memory Matter, Jump Champion are more!


An indie developer by the name of hyacinthvinson made Hello Guys

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Hello Guys is a multiplayer arcade game, with inspiration from ‘Fall Guys’. If you like Hello Guys and want to see more ‘Fall Guys’ styled characters then check out: Fall Bros, LOLBeans or even Fall Boys.


Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Release Date:

Feb 24 2021


Left/Right Arrow Keys or 'A'/'D' = Movement

Up Arrow/ 'W' = Jump