Summary: is a multiplayer (IO) game with similar core mechanics to ‘Among Us’. You play as one of the characters in a film called Betrayal. Play as a crewmate and complete assigned tasks and repair the ship or as a betrayer avoiding being detected, causing damage to the ship and murdering crewmates until no more stand. Each round there will be a vote as to who they want to evict from the ship, ensure it’s not you, be convincing!

How to play


Classic gamemode inspired by ‘Among Us’ be a crewmate and complete ship repairs without being killed or be the betrayer and sabotage and kill!

Betrayer - Eliminate crewmates without being caught, kill and misdirect votes onto other innocent parties to get them evicted. Be discrete whilst killing and ensure no one sees you, behave normally and ‘complete’ tasks.

Crewmate - Good guys, repair the ship, keep your eyes peeled and vote the right people off the ship!

Hide and Seek:

One player is a betrayer (everyone knows who it is), they will play an almost invisible beast. Hide and avoid being caught by the best to win. Hunt and kill hiding crewmates as the betrayer. 


  • Different game modes (Betrayal and Hide and Seek)

  • Multiplayer (With private rooms)

  • XP system and upgradable character stats


End Game Studios developed this game.

Similar Games: is inspired by Among us so it’s only natural to have that as a similar game: Among Us: Singleplayer and other imposter themed games: Imposter


Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

Dec 2020


Arrow Keys/ WASD = Movement

Spacebar/ 'E' = Interact

'M' to Map

ESC = Menu