Controls 2

Summary: 2 is an online multiplayer (IO) game with one goal, to take more and more territory. The goal is to capture land by using your cube character to leave a trail of your corresponding colour and generate loops. Once the loop is completed at your starting point the territory is yours!

Beware if another player runs into your trail before you reach your territory you’ll be destroyed and all progress will be lost.

This version of the game from the main menu has other game modes to play:

  • (Original classic version - 2D)

  • 2 (Newest, 3D and features the highest quality graphics)

  • Labyrinth (Escape the labyrinth)

  • AgarPaper (Become the largest cell on the map by consuming orbs - Much like ‘’)

  • Mini Games (Multiple fun little mini games)


  • Many game modes to play ( 1, 2, Labyrinth, Agarpaper and MiniGames)

  • Skins to unlock

  • Online multiplayer (IO)

Developers: 2 was developed by Voodoo

Similar Games: and Little Big Snake are both IO games featuring snake like creatures with a goal to get a big as possible 


Web browsers (PC and Mobile)


WASD/ Arrow Keys/ Mouse = Movement