Burnout Drift


The Burnout Drift is an online car drifting game where you have to do as many drifts as you can to get high scores! In order to do this, you have to use the clutch, brakes, steering, and gear shifting to make your car drift on the racing track. 

The aim of the game is that you have to drive the car in a way to get the best possible drifts on the racing tracks, whilst not crashing into the track barrier. If you collide with it, you’ll lose your score that you’ve generated

There are three racing tracks in the game: Rocky Pass, Ridge, and Winter Pass. Each of the track’s conditions are unique and different from each other, So, the cars may perform differently based on the condition of the racing track. You can customise your vehicle in the garage. 

You can even buy car parts and brand new cars by spending the in-game earned coins. You can earn coins by drifting the car during the race. Enjoy a fantastic drifting experience with new vehicles.

The Burnout Drift game has stunning and attractive graphics! Plus, it has terrific buyable cars which makes it even more addictive for car lovers. If you love cars, wait no more and play this ideal game


  • An engaging 3D car drifting game. 

  • Customisable cars and exciting racing tracks.

  • Get an amazing and crazy experience of drifting cars.

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The Burnout Drift is available to play through any web browser either on your PC or mobile devices.


The Burnout Drift game was developed by Bugra Ozdoganlar at Bonecracker Games.

Release Date:

This game was officially released in April 2017.


How To Play The Burnout Drift Game?

Customise your car in a way that it drifts on the racing track. Score high and earn coins to get new cars from the in-game garage. Use the arrow keys to control the movement of your car. 

And for more, read the control instructions in the “Controls” section.

Any Pro/Good Tips To Play Burnout Drift?

You have to carefully think when buying the car parts from the garage and use them wisely based on the racing track’s conditions. Drift in the best possible way to get high scores and earn more coins. Also, keep quick and controlled movements of the car while avoiding hitting the track's barrier 

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  • Steer Right – Press the right arrow key.

  • Steer Left – Press the left arrow key.

  • Accelerate – Press the up arrow key.

  • Brake – Press the down arrow key.

  • Handbrake – Press the Spacebar key.

  • Gear Up – Press the left Shift key.

  • Gear Down – Press the left Ctrl key.

  • Nitro Speed – Press the F key.

  • Slow-motion Mode – Press the G key.

  • Engine Start/Stop – Press the I key.

  • Low Beam Headlight – Press the L key.

  • High Beam Headlight – Press the K key.

  • Camera Change – Press the C key.