City Car Stunt 4


City Car Stunt 4 is a racing/stunt driving game. Play with new and exciting sports cars, collect diamonds and unlock even more cars in ‘Free Driving’ mode, explore a massive map, jumping over ramps and performing awesome stunts. Collect boxes for special surprises or compete in ‘Racing’ mode. Compete against AI opponents and progress through 12 tracks, don’t forget to upgrade your vehicle and customise it completely for the best chance at winning.

Not only does City Car Stunt 4 feature all of this but offers 2-player mode. Play this crazy game with friends too!


  • Powerful and flashy new cars

  • 2 game modes (Racing - Race across different maps against friends or AI. Free Driving - Collect gems and be free to roam the vast map)

  • 2-Player mode to play with friends

  • Vehicle upgrades


RHM Interactive. They’ve made other awesome games. MX Offroad Mountain Bike is really fun but also games like Drunken Duel 2 and Volley Random.

Similar Games:

A bike variation of this game is called City Bike Stunt 2, another awesome driving game is Burnout Drift.


Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

Jan 06 2021


Player 1

Arrow Keys = Movement

'N' = Nitro

'B' = Look back

Player 2

WASD = Movement

'T' = Nitro 

'C' = Look back

'R' = Restart