Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space


Stickman Armed Assassin: Cold Space is a stickman army game. There has been a rebellion on planet NU-2507 and you’ve been tasked with stopping it. Kill all rebels and rescue military and medical staff trapped in the station. Gain knowledge of and collect intelligence of a new bio weapon system.

Collect special weapons to make your fight more effective and take down every rebellious stickman you encounter, good luck soldier!


  • 20 levels to play

  • Many different weapons to utilise 

Developers: They make a load of awesome games here are a few on the popular ones: Paper Flight 2 and Zombie Idle Defence Online.

Similar Games:

Stickman Rusher is a stickman fighting, runner game and has you fighting flying enemies and collecting stars and items similar to this game. Are you more interested in the strategic aspect of Stickman Armed Assassin Cold Space, we think you’ll like Counter Stickman.


Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

Mar 11 2021


Arrow Keys/ WASD = Movement
Mouse = Look Around
Right Mouse Button = Aim
Left Mouse Button = Shoot/Fire
Mouse Wheel = Weapon select
Left Shift = Run
Left Control = Crouch
Spacebar = Jump
‘G’ = Grenades
‘R’ = Reload
‘F’ = Pick up items
‘X’ = Prone
‘V’ = Melee