Handless Millionaire


Handless Millionaire is an exciting and risky flash game. In this game, you will get a chance to become a millionaire. But you have to take the risk to a great extent and face the fear to get the reward. 

Handless Millionaire revolves around a TV show in which you'll play a game and get cash as a reward of winning. But as you know, becoming a millionaire is not an easy task, so it is in the game. You have to take a massive risk for it. The tickets will be in front of you, and you have to grab them by running your hand over the guillotine. Catch the bill and remove your hand before the blade drops and cut off your hands. The complexity of the game increases with an increase in the number of levels. 

Once the blade hits your arm, the game will restart as your hand will be cut off. This game is based on your determination and risk-taking abilities. Now it's up to you to prove your determination and become a millionaire. So, are you ready to take the risk? Try out your luck.

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  • Mouse - to control the hand movements.

  • Left Mouse Button - to grab money.

Main Features:

  • Fifteen levels with increasing difficulty.

  • Right and left-hand chances.

  • Random hitting by Guillotine.

  • Full-screen gameplay.

  • Leaderboard system.


You can play Handless Millionaire game on any of the latest web browser (mobile and desktop).


Handless Millionaire game was developed by Vasiliy Kostin Aka Megabyteceer.

Release Date:

This game was originally released in October 2011. However, its HTML version was released in April 2019.


How To Play Handless Millionaire?

Playing the handless Millionaire game is simple yet tricky. Click or tap your mouse on the right side of the screen, which is a safe zone for your hand. Drag the hand though when you're ready to grab the money and quickly move backhand in the safe zone. Be careful about the right timing to drag the hand. Don't pull back your hand too soon as you'll get nothing neither too slowly so that you don't cut off your hand. Earn as much money as you can in one round, and try to pass all levels to become the champion.

Is Handless Millionaire available to play on Mobile?

Yes, Handless Millionaire game is available to play on mobile. In fact, this game is ideally suited for mobile devices.

Handless Millionaire Online Pro Tips.

The main thing in this game is timing. If you're able to manage time and understand the guillotine blade pattern, you can get the money effortlessly and without cutting off your hand. Your speed should be neither too slow nor too fast because both won't work.

How to download Handless Millionaire for PC?

Simply, go to the search engine and type "download Handless Millionaire game for PC". Search results appear with multiple sites containing the download link. Select any of the top-listed sites, open it, and click the download button.