Elite Sniper


Elite Sniper is one of the beloved games available out there due to its simple, yet exciting gameplay. The sniper missions of this game keep players stuck to their monitor. After each mission, players can gain ratings such as A or B. This rating depends on factors such as accuracy, number of kills, and the time taken to complete a mission. Players can also replay each mission so that they can try again and get a perfect A rating.

Like many other flash games, i.e. Rocket clash 3D, Hunter 3D, Road Of Rampage, and Raft Wars, this game is also available in the flash format. However, what truly sets Elite Sniper apart from all these games is the challenging mission levels and different types of enemies.

So what are you waiting for? Test your vision and reaction and pull the trigger to give your enemies a fatal blow! There are up to 20 mission levels and six different types of enemies out there. Are you ready?


  • Use the Mouse to move and aim

  • Press Spacebar to open the scope

  • Click the Left-mouse button to fire

Main Features

  • Up to 20 challenging mission levels

  • Six different types of enemies

  • Minimal but exciting gameplay 

  • Players can gain letter (A or B) rating for each mission


This action-packed arcade game is developed by FrankChamber.

Release Date

Elite Sniper was officially released in July 2019.


Elite Sniper is an action-induced platform shoot'em up game which is available to play across all web browsers (desktop and mobile).


How To Play Elite Sniper?

In order to play this epic shooting game, you must work through various missions. Also, make sure you have sharp reflexes and a steady hand. Move your mouse, control the movement of the sniper, and aim for targets. Once you find your target, press the spacebar to open the scope and SHOOT! During each mission, take out the baddies and ensure you meet the objectives.

Elite Sniper Games Online Pro Tips?

To be good at the Elite Sniper game, you must have swift reactions and move the scope quickly. Moreover, you must also be able to control the sway and movement of the scope to remain accurate. Try and complete every mission of Elite Sniper and take out the evil guys.

Is Elite Sniper Available To Play On Mobile?

Unfortunately, Elite Sniper is not currently available to play on mobile. Alternatively, you can play it on alongside with many other fun games, FOR FREE!

How To Download Elite Sniper For PC?

If you want to access a downloadable version of the game on your PC, simply search “Download Elite Sniper game for PC” on your search engine. An array of options will be displayed for you in the search results. Open a link and click download for PC. After a few step installation process, Elite Sniper would be installed on your PC and ready for you to play!

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Space Bar to use the scope.
Move the mouse to aim. Click to shoot