Shell Shockers


Shell shocker is a multiplayer and first-person shooting game having egg characters. In this game, the player enters the game arena as a violent egg that is armed with a shotgun. This game has added more fun to the io genre. 

Before joining the game, you have to choose your character name, egg type, weapon, and game mode. Put your efforts to keep yourself safe and damage the eggs of the enemy. Also, players have an option to broadcast their game live and have a chance to become famous. 

This game has three different modes; free for all, teams and spatula. In the first mode, you are against every other player in the arena. While in team mode, you fight together with your teammate egg players against the opposite team players and try to eliminate them. Capturing the spatula is another part of the flag mode. Try all these modes to have fun. 


  • WASD keys - to move

  • Left mouse click - to shoot

  • Spacebar - to jump

  • E - to change weapon

  • R - to reload

  • Q - to throw a grenade

  • Shift - to zoom and aim

Main Features:

  • Different customisation options

  • 3D graphics

  • Three exciting game modes

  • Player can play a private game


You can play this game on any of your favourite Web browsers.


Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital.

Release Date:

Shell Shockers was released in September 2017.


How To Play Shell Shockers?

  • Go to and select search Shell Shockers.

  • Before clicking the Play button, do select a username and the game mode. 

  • You can also customise your team if you want. 

  • Now explore the map to find the enemies and shoot them. Meanwhile, collect the upgrades as well.

Is Shell Shockers Safe?

Indeed, Shell Shockers is a safe game. Due to guns, some people might have concerns for the game, but it is balanced by cartoon set up. So there is no real violence in the game. It's safe and sound to play.

What Games Are Similar To Shell Shockers?

SideArms is one of the similar games to shell shocker. This game was also developed by Blue Wizard., a first-person shooter is another similar game to the shell shockers. You can also try some other fun games like Dark Soul, Lethal Race, Zombie Truck, and Sim Taxi on for FREE!

How To Create Private Games In Shell Shockers?

It's pretty simple to create a private game in shell shockers. 

  • Go to right below the play button option. 

  • There you'll find a create option, select it and then choose the game type you want to play. 

  • Choose a server of your choice then finally select the map.

  • Click the play option.

  • You have created a private game successfully.

How To Be Good At Shell Shockers?

Following are the tricks which you can follow to be good at Shell Shockers. 

  • You can hide in the boxes to keep yourself safe.

  • Make proper strategies to attack the enemy.

  • Increase your number of bullets by collecting the packs of eggs.

  • Ensure that you can differentiate between the egg-soldiers.

What Is The Purpose Of The Shell Shockers Plan?

The purpose of the Shell Shockers game is going up the leaderboard while killing each other.


WASD to move your character. Mouse to move the camera. Space to jump. Click to shoot.