Flip Master


Flip Master is a dynamic and thrilling sports game where you have to perform somersaults on a trampoline. It is an ultimate game in which you dive on a trampoline instead of diving in the water. You can also perform a wide range of flips and tricks, and by trying, you can become a master in diving skills. 

This game involves jumps, flips and dives onto a trampoline. Moreover, you have to perform different stunts like front flips, backflips, bounces, and complicated jumps to make your performance impressive. You'll get points on every successful land after jumping. Make sure to land properly, or else your turn will be over. Also, when in air, collect the coins when they appear on the screen. 

Once you have collected enough coins, you'll be able to buy upgrades which will make the game more interesting. You can also purchase new characters having their own unique physics. Different locations, such as gyms or circuses, are available for playing and flipping. 

Train your athlete or character to improve its qualities, and unlock new areas by spinning the wheel of fortune. Have you become a flip master? If yes, make sure not to try these stunts at your home.

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Main Features:

  • Animated physics
  • Multiple upgrade options
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Variety of cool locations
  • Choose and upgrade/customise your character


You can play Flip Master using a web browser. Moreover, you can also play this game on any of the Android and iOS devices.


The Flip Master game was developed by Motionvolt Games.

Release Date:

This game was officially released in August 2017.


What Is The Purpose Of the Flip Master Plan?

Performing and practising the game would make you a master in this game. The purpose of the Flip Mater game is to jump, flip and dive. You have to perform different dangerous stunts and a variety of flips in the air and then land on the trampoline successfully. If you don't, you'll lose, and the game will end. Meanwhile, collect coins appearing on the screen and buy upgrades. 

How To Play Flip Master?

The gameplay is not very complicated. First, click on the screen; your athlete will curl up and start doing flips in the air. To control the flip in the air, click and hold the left mouse button. The longer you want your athlete to flip, the longer you have to hold the left mouse button. Wherever you move the mouse when the character is in the air, he will jump in that direction. 

Make sure to land him two feet or face up. If you land him face down or on the head, the game will be over at that spot. The coins will also appear on the screen occasionally, so you have to collect them as well to purchase the amazing upgrades. The upgrades include new characters, new locations and training the character to improve his skills.

How To Download Flip Master For PC?

Many links are available on the internet to download the Flip Master game. Simply, go to the search engine and type "download the flip master game for pc". Search results appear with multiple sites containing the download link. Select any one of the top-listed sites, open it and click the download button. The game will eventually download on your PC, and you can play it for free.


Press and hold the Left Mouse Button = Increase the rotation speed

Release Left Mouse Button = Straighten