Top Speed Racing 3D


Top Speed Racing 3D is an extremely fun driving game. Test yourself and partake in the most thrilling racing experience ever! Participate in events to earn money and purchase upgrades, new sports cars, customisable additions and paint jobs. 


  • Parkour - Navigate around an obstacle course and reach the end to win!

  • Time Trials - Reach all checkpoints before the time runs out!

  • Drift - Race around tracks performing drifts to increase score and reach the end to capitalise on all that income

  • Speed Cameras - Race through the speed camera zones at the required speeds to earn money

Not only do in-game events generate currency but performing awesome stunts around the city like drifting, jumping and collecting gems also help to buy accessories to personalise your ride! 

Play for free and experience a 3D, beautiful driving experience like no other.


  • High quality graphics (Toggle between high, medium and low to focus on graphics or performance)

  • Over 15 different sports vehicles to play with

  • Upgrades like tires, suspension, engine speed, transmission and more

  • Fully customisable cars, choose the paint job, window tinting, vinyls and more!

  • 2 different modes currently with more to come:

Free mode - Roam freely around the city experiencing it without cars or police

Traffic mode - Add traffic to the mix whilst driving


Great Games developed this game, they’ve also created games like Popular Wars and Mine Clone 4

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Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

April 21 2021


WASD/ Arrow Keys = Movement

Space = Brake

Left/Right Shift = Nitro