Penguin Diner


Penny, the penguin, was lost as he got off track while on the Antarctic trek. Now the poor penny is on a top of an icy hill. He wants to go back home, but he does not have enough money to get back. Fortunately, he was offered a job by a local diner owner. 

In the Penguin Diner game, the main objective is to earn as much money as possible before the diner closes for that day. To earn more money, you have to keep the customers happy by delivering fast and making proper seating arrangements. You can also use the entertainment options to make it a fun time for the customers. 

Get the customer seated, take their order once they are ready to place the order, serve them a meal, and collect the money from the table as the customer leaves. Again, make sure to keep your customers happy to earn more money.

Once you upgrade, you will have a variety of other accessories such as different locations for diner, comfortable seats, increased number of chefs and many others. All these options will be available when you have collected some money in your bank and can buy them.

Main Features:

  • Move through three different locations.
  • Buy upgrades for the diner.
  • Skates for fast delivery.
  • Have more than one chef.
  • Unique entertainment options, i.e. a TV is available for the customers. 


  • Web browser (Penguin Diner uses Flash technology, so it is compatible with most web browsers).

  • iOS.


Penguin Diner was developed by BigWig.

Release Date:

This fun-packed game was released on April 23, 2015 but has recently been remade in HTML as of Feb 11 2021.


How To Play Penguin Diner?

When a customer arrives, you need to find an empty table. Click on the customer and then on the table to make the customer seated. Pick the table where you want your customer to sit, and give him some time to decide what he wants to eat. The customers will raise their hands when they are ready to order. 

Now to take the order, you can click on the table, or on the customer. Once their food is ready, it will be available in the serving area. Click on the food so that Penny carries the food tray and delivers the food. 

Once the customer finishes his meal, he will leave money on the table, and you can put them into cash by clicking on the table.

Is Penguin Diner Hotel Available To Play On Mobile?

You can play Penguin Diner on desktop or on an iOS device. If you want to play it on android, you can play Penguin Diner 2 instead.

Penguin Diner Games Online Pro Tips.

It would be best if you went through the instructions before playing the game, it will help you get some useful tips. Other than that, make sure to keep an eye on the clock. You need to collect as much money as you can until nine o'clock.

The purpose of the game is to earn more money by delivering on time and making your customers happy. Hence, focus on decreasing the order waiting time for the customers. Efficient services will also definitely make your customers happy. For this, you can buy additional chefs. To make it faster, you can also purchase additional chefs and have skates. But do remember, these options will only be available once you upgrade.

How To Download Penguin Diner For PC?

First, you need to go to the Google search bar and then type "Download penguin diner for PC". Multiple search results will appear, choose any of the top listed sites and click the download button. The download will start, and now you can play it on your PC.

Instead, you can also play Penguin Diner and more fun games like Pixel Force, play on FlashGames247 for free!


Use mouse to interact.

(Penguin diner is a one-click (mouse) game. You don't have to use a keyboard for this. Only the left mouse button or touchpad is used for multi-purposes like seating customers, taking orders etc.)