Whack the Dummy

About Whack The Dummy

Whack The Dummy is a brand new fighting game developed and published by SillySpiderGames .The objective of the game is to repeatedly punish and beat the bad guy into submission. Each time he is destroyed, you will earn coins and a chest to help you unlock the next wacky weapon. 


Weapons are split into four categories; Melee, Guns, Explosives and Fun. Each weapon has it's own unique play style and powers. Will you choose to whack him with your Axe, or get pyrotechnic with Propane Gas? Go for the Glock, or have some fun with the Toy Gun! Keep an eye out for the super powerful Phaser gun.


Each time you successfully Whack The Dummy, you will level up! It is also helpful to work towards the Missions given to you as the rewards can be very useful!


There are 6 fantastic and funky costumes available to unlock for your dummy, ranging from the cool Pirate Hat to the funny Propeller Hat! Keep an eye out for tokens dropping in the game to collect them!

The Verdict:

Whack the Dummy is a colourful and at times hilarious casual game. Show the dummy who is the boss - beat the buddy into submission! This game is basically a fresh take on 'Kick the Buddy' game!


Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Android: Kick the Buddy

IOS: Kick the Buddy


Use your mouse to play