Summary: is a game in which you play as one of the starting animals and eat food and drink water to survive, get bigger and grow stronger. There is a food chain to look out for, animals with a lime-green outline you hunt and consume whereas ones with a red outline is your predator so beware.

The more you eat the more you evolve, become a rare animal such as a powerful king dragon and burn your victim alive!


  • Hundreds of active players to compete against

  • 121 animals (Including rare ones)

  • 5 different animal groups (Ocean, Land, Arctic, Desert and Timberland)

  • XP system

  • Unique special abilities for each animal

Developers: was developed by Stan Tatarnykov.

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Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Android and IOS

Release Date:

Oct 2016 (Web)

May 2019 (Android)


Mouse/Touch = Movement

Left Mouse Button/Spacebar = Dash

Right Mouse Button/'W' = Use special ability

'S' = Spit water/Fire

Enter = Chat