Magic Pom


Magic Pom is a casual connect 3 puzzle game. Connect 3 or more cute Poms to generate points. Unlike normal match-3 games, Magic Pom feels like a claw machine crossed with Bejeweled. Poms drop down from the top in a random and non-structured way. You must link 3 or more by dragging over them creating chains within a time limit.

Each level has different objectives and times in order to complete them and there are many levels to play within the 6 different zones. Not only that but you can buy different Poms and equip upgrades within the shop that have perks and power-ups.


  • 6 different zones and many levels in each equating to over 200 levels!

  • Cute artstyle

  • Unique match-3/ Tetris/ claw machine type gameplay

  • Many different objectives and time limitations for continual engagement

  • Upgrades, power-ups and multiple Poms


Hermit Crab Game Studio developed this game.

Similar Games:

Similar match-3 games are: Jewel Dash - Featuring dwarven miners and gems, power-ups and more or Riddle Cubes - Solve the mystery of the Riddle Cubes and place cubes along a set number or paths, combine 4 of your colour and score points.


Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Release Date:

April 19 2021


Left Mouse Button + Drag = Matching Poms (Match 3 or more to remove them)