Kick the Buddy


Kick the Buddy has everything you need for the ultimate stress relief. Use your arsenal of weaponry to whack your ragdoll character around. Boss him about, drop bombs, explode rockets, hit him with axes, knives or ninja stars. Become a god and control everything, pick him up, toss him around and freeze him.

Flash Games 247 presents Kick the Buddy, the ultimate ragdoll game. Whack him again and again, see how much whacking he can take before exploding into a pile of coins. Use the coins to boss him about and whack him even harder. Unlock every single weapon, explosive and item Kick the Buddy has to offer using the collected coins and have an insane fun time.

Do you want to be the boss and feel what it’s like to slap and bash a dummy around?

Want to smash, kick and destroy everything for coins?

Want to beat and whack everything into submission?

Beat the Buddy is the game for you, try playing on a browser, online for free today! Sit at a computer or play on your portable IOS or Android devices the fun never stops and neither does the destruction!


  • Many weapons to choose from: Grenades, bombs, knives, kicking, punching, whacking, god-like powers, guns, rocket launchers and more!

  • Ragdoll physics 

  • Many unlockables

  • HTML5 2D fun

  • Customise the dummy


Silly Spider

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Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Android: Kick the Buddy

IOS: Kick the Buddy

Release Date:

August 07 2016


Use your mouse to play