Om Nom: Run


Om Nom: Run is an incredibly fun running game much like timeless classics like ‘Subway Surfers’ or ‘Temple Run’. Run the streets on Nomville in endless mode in which you run until you hit something or in levels with set challenges. During your run, discover power-ups, coins and bonuses to aid in your current and future runs. 

How to Play

Obstacles and coins

Jump over or slide under obstacles to avoid them, alternatively dodge them altogether by moving left and right. Depending on the selected mode levels will provide different challenges such as reaching a certain distance or collecting a certain amount of items.


Magnets: Collect coins from every lane!

Rocket Boosts: Run faster

Double Coins: Collect double the amount of coins

Jumping Boots: Jump even higher onto places otherwise difficult to reach

Unlock new characters

Use coins to purchase up to 15 different characters each with 3 unique stunts


  • Race through many locations and environments 

  • Rise through the ranks on the leaderboards

  • Complete set objectives and challenges or play in endless mode

  • Purchase upgrades 


ZeptoLab much like all of the other Cut the Rope games.

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Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Android + IOS

Release Date:

Feb 2021


Arrow Keys = Movement

Left Mouse Button = Interact