Cyber Racer Battles


Embark on an outer space adventure in Cyber Racer Battles, pick a racing craft and complete missions on fun and beautiful maps, race against others in 2-player mode or singleplayer or enter free roam and explore without limits. 

  • Free roam - Explore without any limitations, jump over obstacles and gain points alone or with friends.

  • Missions - Complete missions to gain funds that’ll allow you to buy different crafts with unique abilities. 12 battle maps that are challenging in their own way with different objectives 

  • Race - Compete against others and rank highly to gain in-game currency. 6 different maps with incremental rewards.

Don’t forget to purchase new hover bikes that offer different weapons like homing missiles, laser guns and machine guns. Each hover has different handling, acceleration, shields etc. that’ll need fine tuning in the garage.


  • 3 different game modes (Race, missions and free roam)

  • Upgrades and customisation

  • Many hovers to pick and fine tune

  • 1 or 2 player modes for each mode 


RHM Interactive have developed this game as well as others such as MX Offroad Mountain Bike and Volley Random.

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Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

May 18 2021


Player 1:

WASD = Movement 

'F' = Missile

'G' = Machine/Laser Gun

'R' = Fix hover position

Player 2:

Arrow Keys = Movement

'O' = Missile

'P' = Machine/Laser Gun

'L' Fix hover position