Summary: is a top-down 2D online multiplayer shooter with one key difference, everything in the map, walls, building etc. is completely destructible. If it’s in your way, shoot it down, then progress to capture points, kill enemies, gain XP and complete objectives.

With the maps being quite large, what better way to get around than with vehicles like a jeep, tanks and cars! Whilst driving you can have a teammate shoot from the passenger seat. Be careful however, the tank, only one can be seated but it does equip you with a cannon that shoots exploding rockets. Watch out for others carrying rocket launchers.

Customise each weapon loadout in the menu selection and purchase assets for character customisations.


  1. Destroy everything!

  2. Be careful with ammo, drop ammo for friends if they are running low

  3. Stack perks for ultimate damage


  • Fully destructible maps and assets 

  • Drivable vehicles

  • Multiplayer (IO)

  • 2D shoot-em up

  • 25 weapons to unlock


Sarunas Visockas

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Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

Nov 2020


Arrow Keys/ WASD = Movement 

Left Mouse Button = Shoot/Fire

'E' = Interact/Enter vehicles

'R' = Reload

Mouse scroll/ 1234 = Weapon select

'M' / Tab = Map enlargement

Space = Drift