Worms.Zone is an arcade game similar to and the other famous snake games, created by WildSpike. The premise of the game is a well known one, you must go around the map eating all of the food that you can, in order for you snake to grow bigger. Try to capture and absorb smaller snakes, be careful not to cross their path directly though or it will be game over!


  • Fun missions and challenges to play as you progress through the game
  • Unlockable snake skins
  • Customizable colours for each outfit
  • Emoji face wardrobe - give your snake the look that you choose!
  • Simple gameplay
  • Chests to open
  • Lots of in-game powerups to help!


Worms.Zone is available to play free online here at You can play on either a computer or a mobile browser. The game is also available to download from the AppStore and Google Play Store. It's also available on Facebook Instant Games

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Instructions are in the game