Tequila Zombies 2


Tequila Zombies is another zombie apocalypse game in which your task is to survive a zombie attack that will be in waves and every next wave of zombies. Unlike many other tequila games, i.e. Know Your Tequila and Brain Buffet, in this game you're stuck in the desert in the middle of nowhere. Zombies are coming out to attack, and you're armed with nothing but your melee weapons and a trusty bottle of tequila. Now the only thing you need to do is to survive as long as you can out there being attacked by countless waves of zombies! 

Grab weapons inside the crates falling from the sky to get a chance to survive. Collect hard cash from the enemies to unlock up to 24 kinds of weapons. You can also build up that kill counter and try to defeat that big zombie boss.

So what are you waiting for? Heat things with a nice shot of tequila only here in Tequila Zombies! 


  • Use Arrow Keys or A/D to move left/right

  • Press Arrow Down or S key to pick up a bonus

  • Press Spacebar to shoot or hit

  • Press Arrow Up or W key for the alternative melee attack

Main Features

  • Hand-drawn animation of visual presentation

  • Darker tone display - suited for those invading zombies and a nice background having a haunted mansion in it

  • Action, Rock & roll music

  • Unlock up to 24 kinds of weapons


This action-packed zombie apocalypse game is developed by IriySoft.

Release Date

Tequila Zombies was officially released in January 2012.


How To Play Tequila Zombie?

Tequila Zombie has everything we want in a zombie game! Run from left to right with Arrow keys and destroy the zombies by pressing Spacebar. Use the Down Arrow key to pick up items such as ammo and power-ups from the ground and also collect money. Press the Right Arrow key to use the gun as a melee weapon in case the zombies get too close. Moreover, you can also use The Tequila Special by pressing the Enter key when it is ready. And when you complete a level, you can come into the upgrade menu where a superior arsenal of weapons awaits you!

Is Tequila Zombie Available To Play On Mobile?

Unfortunately, Tequila Zombies is not optimised for mobile devices. This game is only playable on Desktop, and you need to activate Adobe's Flash Player to play this game.

How To Download Tequila Zombie Game On PC?

If you want to access a downloadable version of the game on your PC, simply search “Download Tequila Zombies game for PC” on your search engine. An array of options will be displayed for you in the search results. Open a link and click download for PC. After a few step installation process, your game will be installed on your PC and ready for you to play!

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W,A,D / Left, Up, Right Arrow Keys - Move. Mouse - Hit/ Shoot. S / Down Arrow Key - Pickup.