Strike Force Heroes


Strike Force Heroes is a high paced combat and action-filled game. This one of a kind flash game is famous for its exceptional graphics, rock-solid engine and mind-blowing controls. The synopsis of the game revolves around an attack on a science laboratory. The scientist is the sole survivor and is eventually rescued by a team of soldiers.

Like many other flash games, i.e. Strike Force Heroes 2, Desert Strike Force, Ricochet Heroes, and Counter Strike Revenge, Strike Force Heroes is also available in the flash format. However, what truly sets Strike Force Heroes apart from all these games is the excitingly high level of customisations available. 

Different difficulty levels are also available within the game. Start familiarising yourself with the features of the game by playing campaigns, and if you truly want to put your skills to test, then try challenges.


  • Movement: W, Up or Space key

  • Jump: S or Down

  • Crouch: Q or Shift

  • Switch Weapon: E or Ctrl

  • Activate killstreak: R

  • Aim and Shoot: Reload Mouse and Click

Main Features

  • Unlock over 65 weapons

  • Multiple skills and killstreaks

  • Fully voiced, action-packed story

  • Custom quick match option available


Strike Force Heroes was launched after the collaboration amongst the two well-known names in the game development industry: ArmorGames and Notdoppler. However, the developing rights of the game belong to Sky9Games.


Strike Force Heroes is an action-packed platform shoot'em up game which is available to play across all browsers. Its application is also available for iOS devices.


How To Play Strike Force Heroes?

Strike Force Heroes is a fun shooting game with robust gameplay. In the start of the game, your character is that of a scientist. This will then evolve into a soldier who will come to the rescue of the scientist. The soldier will then fight the attackers through his excellent shooting skills.

Your main goal is to kill as many enemies as possible. Each level will have a different location and theme to it. Try taking headshots of the intruders because they are more effective and save time and ammunition. Simultaneously, you should also aim to protect the soldier's life by hiding behind boxes and taking strategic positions to hide from the intruders' fire.

What Are The Climax And Resolution Of The Strike Force Heroes Game?

The story of Strike Force Heroes begins in a remote facility in the Pacific Ocean. It reaches its climax when troublemakers from an unknown organisation attach the laboratory. A scientist becomes the sole survivor who is rescued by a soldier after intense fighting for two weeks. The soldier then faces the enemy in different locations and helps cure the area of toxins through a massive explosion. 

How To Be Good At Strike Force Heroes?

Strike Force Heroes is famous for the diverse customisation options that it offers. Therefore, to do better in the game, you must make use of customisation. Try rotating between different soldiers and opt the soldier whose strength matches your technique the most.

Choosing the correct game mode is also crucial. If you prefer potentially unlimited game killings before a game finishes, you should opt for the Capture The Flag mode.

Is Strike Force Heroes Available To Play On Mobile?

Unfortunately, Strike Force Heroes is not currently available to play on mobile. Alternatively, you can download the newer version of the game: Strike Force Heroes 2 which then becomes playable on mobile.

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WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement W, Up, or Space – Jump S or Down – Crouch Q or Shift – Switch Weapon E or Ctrl – Activate Killstreak R – Reload Mouse – Aim and Shoot