Snail Bob


Snail Bob is an adventurous arcade game in which you have to pass through a tricky construction site, play the role of a travel partner for Bob- The Snail, and find a new place for his living.

Bob, the snail, lost his house in an accident. Suddenly, some bulldozers approached his place and crashed it while he was having a meal. His home is completely ruined, and poor bob is left homeless. Help him out on his journey for a new house. As he is unable to get out of this construction area, find his way through machines and get away from the bulldozers. Tell him when to move and when to stop to make sure not to bring any damage to the bob.

Different challenges and exciting puzzles are on the way, clear them all to exit. Tools are also available in each level to use and get the bob out safely. When tired, Bob can get back in his shell to have some rest. Move the hurdles from his way and when done tap bob and he will start moving again.

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  • Left Mouse Click - to move, flip, and switch.

  • Left Mouse Click (Twice) - to stop and hide the bob in the shell.

  • Mouse - to search for solutions.

Main Features:

  • Lovely animation and adorable artwork.

  • Adjustment of the movement of a snail.

  • 2D colourful graphics.

  • Exciting 20 levels.

  • Mechanical operations.


You can play the Snail Bob game on mobile phones (iOS and Android) as well as on desktops.


Snail Bob was developed by a cool gaming company, Hunter Hamster. However, it was designed by Andrei Kovalishin.

Release Date:

The game was initially released in November 2010. For the HTML version, it was updated in March 2017.


How To Play Snail Bob Game?

Bob is stuck in a construction site and is waiting for help. You can guide him in getting out by passing through different dangerous obstacles. Pull the lever, push the button and set the piston in motion while Bob is moving ahead. You can stop the bob when you feel he's endangered and start him again after clearing the way forward. Bob can't be aware of dangers ahead, so you need to take care of it.

Once you reach the exit point in a level, you'll reach the next level. Each level will be more and more challenging. Don't worry if you fail in an attempt; you can replay the level later and complete it.

Snail Bob Online Pro Tips.

Safe the bob from any hazards while getting through the construction site. Solve puzzles coming in the way and avoid broken electric lines and large gaps. You can stop at the point of danger, so he gets back in his shell and remains protected.

How To Download Snail Bob For PC?

You can download it from the Play Store and enjoy playing it for free! For iOS devices, use the Apple Store to download the game.


This game is played with mouse only.