Robo Racing


There's no shame in admitting that we have all played racing games while growing up. And frankly, we all miss them, don't we? Luckily, Robo Racing is here to give us all the nostalgic feels. It is a fun and exciting game which is an amalgamation of both racing and shooting games. In this game, you choose your robocar and then not only drive it till the finish line but also fight other trouble maker robocars on your way.

The concept of the game resembles that of the movie Transformers, whereby a robot can change into a car, and a robot can change into a robot upon convenience. Your goal in the game should be to retain your Robo in optimal condition while collecting power-ups and defeating the enemy on your way.

In the plethora of racing games like Lethal Race, Turbo Racing 2 and Racing Toys, Robo Racing provides a breath of fresh air with its captivating visuals and impressive audio - which make it a must-play!


  • Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move your car

  • Press Spacebar to jump

  • Press X key to use nitro

  • Press Z key to use rockets

Main Features

  • A unique combo of racing and fighting

  • Customisation available in robocars

  • Interesting powerups

  • 20 different levels

  • 3 saving slots available


The developer of the Robo Racing game is Azerion.

Release Date

This game was officially released in July 2019. 


Web Browser (desktop)


How To Play Robo Racing?

In Robo Racing, you are provided with a limited time to achieve your objectives. During this time, you will see enemies everywhere. All other cars will have their guns pointed at you. You need to dodge their incoming bullets by jumping at the right time and keep your arms unleashed at them. 

Make sure to always keep a check on your performance meter, if it gets too low, try to gain a medical kit as soon as possible. This will help to restore your car in optimal condition. 

You can earn extra money by fulfilling the three objectives that are displayed at the start of every level. To top it all off, aim for a helicopter. If you can take the aircraft down, you will gain an additional advantage!

What Is The Purpose Of The Robo Racing Plan?

In the Robo Racing game plan, robots have taken over the world and you are provided with the tremendous opportunity to control one of the robots. You will be disguised as a car and will only show your true self when it becomes a necessity. This will be done to show your enemies who they are actually messing up with. 

Your objective in this game is to complete each level by reaching the end of them as you defeat the enemies you encounter. Earn power-ups, cash and new weapons through your skills and tell the enemies who actually rule the Robo Racing world.

How To Download Robo Racing For PC?

To carry out the process of downloading, you should search the browser for Robo Racing and then click on a secure link. There you will find a highlighted button stating "Download". Press the button, and download Robo Racing on your PC.

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