Reach the Core


Reach The Core is an addictive mining game based on two robots travelling in space. Unfortunately, they run out of fuel. And now with the energy they have, they can only reach the nearby planet. The planet has plasma at its core, and the robots have to reach the core to get it. They need to put in efforts to get the plasma, so they start preparing their miner as they are left with no other option.

In this game, your role is to manage the resources and harness power of the working technology so that you can reach the centre of the planet. Control the drill and collect elements to fuel the ship. Navigate your drill farther and farther in the depth of the planet. Avoid the rocks and mines on the way. And collect various elements during mining to upgrade your equipment which will make the digging easier. Your survival is dependent on how efficiently and effectively you reach the planet core and get the plasma for your ship.

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  • A key - turns the digger left

  • D key - turns the digger right

Main Features:

  • Simplistic controls

  • Catchy visuals

  • Mining Simulator

  • Interesting dialogues of the main character


You can play Reach The Core game on any web browser (mobile or desktop).


Reach The Core game is developed by MMX95.

Release Date:

This game was initially released in December 2015. However, the HTML5 version was released in June 2020.


How To Play Reach The Core Game?

Control the drone-drill to go farther and farther to reach the core. Meanwhile, collect the upgrades like gems, blueprints you get in the way. These upgrades will help you to advance your machine, go deep down and collect more resources. Avoid the rocks and mines while drilling. It will require hard work but surely be fruitful. You will also find mysterious treasures and valuable minerals deep down the planet. Try your best. Go ahead and explore the planet!

What Is The Purpose Of  Reach The Core Plan?

The purpose of this game is to reach the core of a nearby planet by controlling a drill and getting the fuel which is necessary for the survival of the robots.

How To Be Good At Reach The Core?

Collect the upgrade for your drill to make it advance so that it can go deeper without causing difficulty. The more you upgrade, the more chances are there to reach the core and get fuel. Earn points, collect maximum worthy minerals. This is how you can become a good player in Reach The Core game.

How To Download Reach The Core For PC?

Many links are available on the internet to download Reach The Core game. Simply, go to the search engine and type "download reach the core game for PC". Search results will appear with multiple sites containing the download link. Select any one of the top-listed sites, open it and click the download button. The game will download shortly, and you can play it on your PC for free.


Use A,D keys or arrows to control.