Raze 3


Raze 3 is a futuristic shoot 'em up Flash game for teens and older children where you play the role of an elite special force agent charged with relieving Earth from frightful aliens who have returned as zombies.

Ten years ago, an alien invasion left a horrific impact on the earth and destroyed it drastically. After this horrible invasion, humankind began to rebuild civilisations in the firmaments while renovations continued on the planet. The military designed Express Training programs to train soldiers cheaply and quickly. And this is where the story of Raze 3 begins.

Like the previous two editions of the series (Raze and Raze 2), Raze 3 lets you fight robots, aliens, and even zombies. You can play this game in several different modes, including both human and alien campaigns, a quick match or a premium campaign. Moreover, you can also complete daily challenges to get additional rewards.

In this futuristic action game, your character can be customised to a significant level of detail. Raze 3 allows you to customise your character by changing its name, weapon, outfit colour, equipment and perks. 

Customise your character, collect weapons, and fight your enemies as hard as you can to save the earth alongside some of your men. Once you have saved the world, its fate is in your hands! 


  • WASD/Arrow Keys - to move your character.

  • Space/Up - to jump.

  • Up Arrow/W twice - to perform a double-jump.

  • Mouse - to aim your weapon.

  • Left Mouse Click - to shoot your enemies.

  • Q/E or Shift/Enter - next/previous weapon.

  • Number keys - to select a specific weapon.

  • F/Ctrl - to utilize your ‘light-sabre' deflecting weapon.

  • Esc/P - to pause the game.

Main Features:

  • New and upgraded weapons.

  • User-friendly gameplay with high-resolution graphics.

  • Players can carry five weapons during gameplay including automatic weapons, sidearms, close range, long range, and explosives.

  • Weapon upgrade system, it can enhance a weapon's stats.

  • Equipment and abilities that can intensify the player's performance during the combat.


Raze 3 is developed by Sky9 Games and is a sequel to Raze 2. 

Release Date:

This game was made within three months and was officially released on July 10, 2014.


What are the different levels of Human and Alien campaign in Raze 3 game?

Like its previous editions, Raze 3 has two campaigns with different stories, and each campaign has 15 levels.

Human Campaign Levels

  1. New Recruits

  2. The Cleanup

  3. Old Friends

  4. Strange Discovery

  5. Freedom

  6. Day of the Dead

  7. Flight 815

  8. Sky fall

  9. Wreckage

  10. Sniper Support

  11. The Lab

  12. Nightfall

  13. Abduction

  14. Armageddon

  15. David and Goliath

Alien Campaign Levels

  1. The Beginning

  2. Cleansing

  3. Last Push

  4. Hold your Ground

  5. T-14 Terminator

  6. Initialization

  7. Extract

  8. Interference

  9. Crash Site

  10. Computer Virus

  11. Rightfully Ours

  12. Payback

  13. Offensive Strike

  14. Final Phase

  15. Time Warp

How To Play The Raze 3 Game?

When the initial intro loads, select Local Save and click on the Continue icon. When the Main screen loads, you can also turn Music and Sound On or Off, by clicking in the Options icon in the bottom left corner area of the game screen. Furthermore, you can select your simulation preference and click on the Back icon afterwards.

In this game, there are two different game modes to choose from: Campaign Mode and Quick Match Mode. 

In Campaign Mode, you have to complete 15 challenging field levels, one at a time. At first, you have to take part in the Human Campaign, where you play as an elite soldier. And once you complete this campaign, you can also choose an Alien to be your partner. Keep in mind that the Alien Campaign mode picks up the difficulty level from where the Human Campaign left off, so it will be considerably more troublesome. 

However, in the Quick Match mode, you play a one-off deathmatch where you have to score a specific number of eliminations to succeed.

How To Be Good At Raze 3?

Physically, you need to manifest unwavering bravery, excellent reactions, savvy keyboard skills, and the ability to eliminate opponents with minimum worry. And mentally, you have to demonstrate the supreme focus, good strategic planning skills, and the courage to learn from your mistakes. 

You don't have to be an expert, beginners should just be able to get grips with the simple mouse and keyboard controls.

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