Playing With Fire 2


Playing With Fire 2 is an action arcade game in which you have lost your mates, and now you have to survive on your own. The nearby local gangs are hunting you down, so you must have to hunt them before they do. Blast your way to them and keep yourself safe, make way for yourself, and try to be the only one left and win the game.

The main objective of this multiplayer game is to blast your opponents in a bomber man style. Place your dynamite in such a place that it blows a path to your enemy. This placement success will be based on the strategy you made. Moreover, collect the power-ups as they are the game-changing element. Use the tactics to fight with your opponent and be aware while playing so that you don't blow yourself up. Good Luck!

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  • Arrow/WASD keys - to move.

  • Spacebar - to place a bomb.

Main Features:

  • Multiplayer game

  • Different levels

  • 3 minutes time limit

  • Each player has three lives


You can play the "Playing With Fire 2" game on any of your favourite web browsers (desktop and mobile).


How To Play Playing With Fire 2?

Before starting the game, you have to select the level and number of players to start the game. You have to blow all your opponents with the bomb before they kill you. By destroying the blocks, power-ups will be left there. These power-ups will give you special abilities when picked up. 

Every player in the game will have three lives. It means you have to kill them thrice to get them out of the game. The game is time-limited having three minutes duration. If you win the game in the given timeframe, you will score the number of remaining seconds on the timer multiplied by 250, times the number of opponents. On the other hand, If you lose the game, the same amount of points will be deducted from your score.

Is Playing With Fire 2 Available To Play On Mobile?

Yes, you can play the Playing With Fire 2 game on your mobile phone, free of cost.

Playing With Fire 2 Online Pro Tips.

To be good at Playing With Fire 2 game, you have to remove the distractions to focus more on the game. To eliminate the distractions, you have to turn off the sound of the game screen and play the game in full-screen mode. It will help you concentrate more on the game.

How To Download Playing With Fire 2 For PC?

There are several links available on the internet from which you can download the Playing With Fire 2 game. Simply, go to the search engine and type "download Playing With Fire 2 game". Search results will appear, and you will see multiple sites containing the download link. Select any of the top-listed sites, open it and click the download button. After some time, your game will automatically download, and you can play it on your PC for free.