Hobo is a homeless and dirty man having curly hair, beard, and torn clothes. He has many fun fighting moves including pee, fart, spitting shooting snot, burping, and lots more. When Hobo is snoring, a policeman beats him for sneaking inside the junkyard. After then, Hobo whacks him and all the people and patrols in the town. 

Hobo is the protagonist of the Hobo video game series. In this fun fighting game, you take control of Hobo and must fight your way through the streets. Do not let anyone mistreat or boss around you. If they do, use your super strength to punch and kick them into oblivion. Your Hobo has a variety of different powers, so make sure to use them all to beat your foes.

You can also unlock new move combos as you progress through the game. To view your combos, you can use the P button. Also, make sure to pick up items from the floor such as bottles and rubbish cans to throw them at your enemies. 

So can you finish the game and unlock fun combos? Find it out by playing the Hobo on for FREE!


  • Arrow keys - to move.

  • Double-tap Right/Left Arrow Keys - to run.

  • A - to punch and pick up objects.

  • S - for kicks and other fighting stuff.

  • P - to pause and view unlocked combos.

  • Q - to toggle quality.

Main Features:

  • Three difficulty options to choose from.

  • Various types of combos to be unlocked.

  • Different people that need to be knocked down in the streets.


You can play this game on any of your favourite Web browsers, by simply visiting or by clicking here!


Hobo is a free online Arcade game which is developed by Seeting Swarm, and brought to you by Armor Games.

Release Date:

This fun-packed game was officially released in October 2008.


How to play the Hobo?

Pressing the A button can make Hobo to punch and the S button to make Hobo do other things. Continuously using or combining these two buttons can make him do a variety of combos. There are also unique combos, but you have to unlock them as the game progresses. In these combos, Hobo uses his bodily fluids like spit and piss to confuse the enemy. He can also fart and use his poop as a weapon. 

Speaking of weapons, Hobo can also use items like a bottle or a trash can to beat up the enemies. His enemies include civilians, cops, guards, and workers.

If Hobo dies, he has to restart from the last checkpoint, or you can input passwords to go to the level where you want to be. You can only get the password once you complete the level.

Hobo ends up getting in prison after his rampage in the city. But apparently, he does not care much as he falls asleep in his cell.

What Is The Purpose Of The Hobo Plan?

The main objective of the Hobo is to destroy all the enemies in the streets. The player has to control Hobo and beat the crap out of all of his foes. In the streets, you will find ordinary citizens, police officers, and many other people. 

You have to utilise your special attack and punch moves to defeat them all! You'll also be able to unlock new combos as you progress in a new area. Each area will also give you a particular password, it will help you unlock the checkpoints in the game.

Is The Hobo Available To Be Played On Mobile?

Unfortunately, this game is not available for mobile devices. But you can play this game including its sequels Hobo 3: Wanted, Hobo 4: Total War, Hobo 5: Space Brawls, Hobo 7: Heaven, and many other fun games on your PC for FREE by simply visiting

Who's a better street fighter than Mr. Hobo himself? Move, attack and use objects in this sidescrolling fighting game.


Arrow Keys - Move.
A / S - Attack.