Gold Miner


Gold Miner is an adventurous game and a full package of entertainment for people of all ages. In this game, you play as a gold miner, and your task is to mine gold, diamond and other precious minerals while digging. The size of the minerals would vary, prefer to get the bigger one to earn more money. 

Each mineral has it's on worth so choose the one which is more worthy of earning more money. The land is full of treasures so collect as many minerals as you can, but you have to do it quickly. Be careful while digging to avoid rocks and pigs; it will help you earn points faster. 

On the other hand, to make the game a bit complicated, the claw used for mining is continuously swinging back and forth. So timely execution is necessary to get the minerals. Once you have earned enough money, you would be able to upgrade in the game as you progress. 

The charm of the game is that it supports twenty-six different languages, invites friends via Facebook, sends gold, explosives or time to help them grow. Moreover, it has an intuitive point system and daily rewards. Amazing, right?

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Left Mouse button - to grab the jewels.

Space bar - to use the bomb.

Main Features:

  • Dynamic game sounds and upbeat music.

  • Appealing graphics and addictive gameplay.

  • Variety of minerals for mining.

  • Gold bar to continue when you lose.


Gold Miner is a web browser game (mobile and desktop). You can play it on both iOS and Android platforms.


Gold Miner game is developed by Senspark, an independent gaming company that aims to provide creative and entertaining games.

Release Date:

Gold Miner game was officially released in May 2018.


How To Play the Gold Miner Game?

Use your claw to dig and then collect the minerals present underneath the earth. Your claw would be swinging forward and backwards, tap the screen to lower it. Once the claw grabs something, you can pull it up and get the mineral. 

Heavy objects like large gold pieces or rocks would be challenging to reel up. Plus, many obstacles will be in your way, which will make mining harder. You need to complete the target money for a level and jump to next. Also, collecting more money will help purchase more tools to make the mining easier. 

What Is The Purpose Of The Gold Miner Game Plan?

The purpose of the Gold Miner game is to collect as much gold and other jewels as possible through mining. It seems too easy, but it's not as the claw is continuously swinging back and forth. So, timely execution is necessary to grab the jewels. Meanwhile, protect yourself from barrels filled with gunpowder. Also, you need to complete the targeted amount of money for a certain level to reach the next.

How To Download the Gold Miner Game For PC?

For downloading Gold Miner game for PC, you will find several links on Google. Click any of the top-listed sites and download the game. Once the download is completed, you can play the game on your PC and enjoy it.


Be as greedy as possible!