Dirt Bike


Having diverse challenges, Dirt Bike is one of the most exciting games in the world of motorsport games. In this game, the player rides on a dirt bike facing some obstacles that come in the way and avoids falling off. Maintaining balance is essential for successfully riding over massive mountains and other hindrances. Leaning back and forth over the hills is also necessary so that your bike does not crash. Keep in mind that your target is to reach the finish line without damaging your bike. 

In this Dirt Bike game, bikes are designed in such a way that makes riding better on the terrain. They have rugged tires and suspension so that the player can handle riding across the rough areas like dirt, mud and rocks.

This game is even more loveable due to the variety of bikes and riders available. It provides you with an option to customise the engine class of your motorcycle and the rider. Moreover, extreme challenges also excite the players as they are always looking for some new and improved challenges.

Could you reach the finish line while crossing the obstacles in the way? Go ahead and play dirt bike games on to find out. Have Fun! 

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Arrows keys - to control the bike.

Up Arrow Key - to accelerate the bike.

Down Arrow Key - for brake and reverse.

Left Arrow Key - helps the player to lean back on the bike.

Right Arrow Key - to lean forward. 

(P.S: The purpose of leaning is to prevent the bike from flipping).

Main Features:

  • The graphics of this game are notable. You can see a beautiful sunset, dirt passing through the air, and a vast landscape while riding your bike. These illustrations make this game more interesting.

  • You can design your dirt bikes collection like the way you want. More fancy bikes will also unlock as your level increases.

  • You can also team up with other riders and complete missions together to get rewards.

  • You can customise your rider's look.

  • You can gain reputation and rewards by completing the game challenges.


You can play Dirt Bike on both iOS and Android devices.


Dirt Bike game is developed by a Finnish developer, Kuuasema.

Release Date:

Dirt Bike was officially released in December 2010.


What Is The Purpose Of The Dirt Bike Game Plan?

The purpose of the Dirt bike game is to win races while preventing crashes. You should be ahead of your competitors and reach the finish line. In this whole process, you need to be careful of the obstacles in the way. Keep changing the speed accordingly so you remain safe from falling off. Otherwise, you will lose the game.

How To Play The Dirt Bike Game?

Dirt Bike game is a simple, yet challenging game. In this game, you need to ride a dirt bike off the road over the obstacles. Make sure to keep your bike safe from crashing in the way. Eventually, you have to reach the finish line in order to get a win.

How To Download Dirt Bike Game For PC?

Simply, open your favourite browser and type "download dirt bike game" on the search bar there. You will find various links from which you can download this game. Select the top listed site or click on the site of your choice. Lastly, download the game and enjoy.


Dirt bike ride the over obstacles and avoid falling simple but soooo addictive