Cubikill 6


Play as a stressed-out office worker and slaughter everything that comes your way. Cubikill 6 is all about way more of massacring! In this adventuresome flash game, you play the role of some angry I.T nerd named Rick, who is totally frustrated with his idiot co-worker Dave. 

After years of work and little-to-no gain, Rick has had enough! Now he goes on an ultimate killing rampage through his workplace packed with jerks and retards. 

Check out the whole office, draw nasty stuff on pictures, poop in drawers, collect random stuff to kill others and unshackle your aggressions. Unleash violence on your colleagues while sabotaging your office in this mouse-controlled game of ferocious revenge!

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Main Features:

  • Instrumental, supercharged background music to get you pumped up.

  • Flexibility in picking a weapon of your choice.

  • Maps to guide how far away one place is from another or to see places which have never been visited before.

  • Cheat codes to unlock unique modes, weapons or maps and teleport.

  • Wide variety of action-packed environments.

  • Weapon customisation from the inventory.

Release Date:

Cubikill 6 was officially released in April 2013.


How to play Cubikill 6?

In Cubikill 6 flash game, you play the role of an angry employee who just had enough with his colleague. In a fit of wrath, he rises to destroy the office and kill all of his co-workers.

You can play this mouse-controlled office rampage game by turning your office supplies into weapons. Take vengeance on your co-worker and slaughter everybody in your workplace. Collect all useful items in your inventory and make agony weapons by combining them to annoy your co-workers with it. No place should be left untouched so roam through the entire office and do whatever you want. 

What Are The Cubikill 6 Controls?

Playing this game demands no extra work at all. You can play Cubikill 6 with little-to-no difficulty because of it's mouse-controlled functionality. All you have to do is click on an item to pick it up, and by clicking again, you can kill anyone with it or throw it wherever you want.

What are the cheat codes for Cubikill 6?

Type the following codes in the cheats menu (Inventory menu) to activate a cheat: 

POWERGLOVE Unlock all weapons except the FB connects extra.

MAPS Unlock maps & teleport.

NORUN Nobody runs in fear.

ARCADE Double your points.

RESISTANCE Double your enemy's resistance.

Is Cubikill 6 Available To Be Played On Mobile?

Yes, it definitely is! You can play this bloody revenge game on almost any device of your choice. Moreover, you can play Cubikill 6 and various other free shooting games on multiple platforms like iOS and Android phones. You can run Cubikill 6 in any browser by logging into your account on FlashGames through your Facebook using WebGL, or you can play as a guest instead.

Can I play other games like Cubikill 6 on Flash Games?

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