Combat Online

Combat Online


Combat Online also known as Combat 5, is a fully action-packed FPS game that involves an impressive collection of weaponry and battle maps. 

Just like several shooting games online, you can play Combat Online in a multiplayer mode to create teams with your friends. The shooting game is a perfect choice for teens and young adults to enjoy fast-paced combat with their friends. 

Combat Online is a follow up of the famous Combat Reloaded which can be played in a browser too. You can challenge and win multiple combats in different intriguing arenas and battle maps. The game has pretty much the same interface and gameplay as that of Counterstrike and Battlefield. 


Upon starting, players are provided with basic combat weapons that include a knife and pistol. Modern combat online is all about killing your enemies as soon as possible. The more you kill, the better!

You can take down your opponents by using a wide range of weapons, including deadly machine guns, long-range rifles, etc. Players can also create their own customized maps using the map editor to incorporate game modes of their choice. 

Main Features

  • Several map options

  • Map editor to customize maps with different game modes of user's choice

  • Optional, extra weapon skins

  • Interactive graphics

  • Glitch-free controls


Combat Online is a sequel of the original Combat Reloaded and is developed and created by NadGames.

Release Date

Combat Online is an online shooting game that was created and officially released in April 2018.


Unlike other free shooting games online, Combat Online can only be played in a web browser. You can access your account on and play games of your preference using WebGL. 


When Was Combat Online Released?

Combat Online is a fantastic sequel to the original and most popular Combat Reloaded. NadGames created the videogame, and the online shooting game was officially released in April 2018.

How To Play Combat Online?

Combat Online comprises straightforward controls which offer smooth functionality. The controls are user-friendly. You can simply use a mouse to aim and shoot your targets. 

The control of the space bar will help you jump off terrains, mountains, and a different range of buildings. You can change your weapons by using the numeric keys from 1-9. 

Combat Online requires you to move quickly with fast reflexes to avoid attacks and open fire. Both the prequel and Combat 5 involve fast-paced gameplay which requires players to move swiftly and with caution. You cannot afford to stay still in this FPS Star Combat Online game. 

Is Combat Online Available To Play On Mobile?

The game is yet to be launched for mobile phones. You can only play Combat Online in a browser using WebGL for enhanced user experience. 

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Combat Online



  • WASD or arrow keys to move

  • LMB to shoot

  • RMB to aim

  • R to reload

  • F to pick-up a weapon

  • B to open the menu for purchases

  • Space bar to jump

  • Shift to run

  • Number keys to switch weapons

  • Tab to show menu