Clear Vision 5


Take your sniper, set the scope, aim at the target and shoot them down - because the ultimate Clear Vision is here! Clear Vision 5 is the fifth edition of this classic sniper stick game. If you enjoy playing the original and its sequels, you are definitely going to enjoy this expanded version too!

In this game, you'll be playing as an ordinary guy named Tyler, whose patience gets pushed too far. After getting fired as a supermarket cleaner, Tyler begins a violent career as a skilful assassin. However, this is also the beginning of the social decline, false friends and a spiral of betrayal. So watch out! You can't trust anyone.

Like the original Clear Vision game and its sequels, i.e. Clear Vision, Clear Vision 2, Clear Vision 3, and Clear Vision Elite, this game is also an action-induced sniper game. However, what truly sets this game apart is the distance and wind coming into play of the shots.

Do your best and become the master player in this free online sniper game!


  • Mouse to Aim

  • Left-click to shoot

  • R to reload

Main Features

  • Visit the shop to buy new rifles

  • New and exciting missions

  • Advanced mechanics

  • Minimalistic graphics


This action-packed arcade game is developed by Eldring Games.

Release Date

Clear Vision 5 was officially released in March 2012.


Clear Vision 5 is a fun shoot'em up game which is available to play across all web browsers (desktop and mobile). You can also download its apk version and play it on your Android devices.


How To Play Clear Vision 5?

You have to shoot your enemies with your sniper from long distances to complete your missions. The game mechanics are also pretty advanced. Not only do you have to aim well, but you also have to consider factors such as wind and distance. These both factors will determine how accurate your shots are. 

You're an ex-supermarket cleaner that learned to become a professional assassin. So don't trust anyone during your journey filled with betrayal and disaster.

What Is The Main Purpose Of The Clear Vision 5 Plan?

In this game, there is a guy named Tyler, who has to work 24/7 to impress his boss. But one day, he lost his patience and beat his boss. After getting fired as a supermarket cleaner, he begins his career as a professional assassin. This is how the social decline and a spiral of deception began. 

How To Download Clear Vision 5 For PC?

If you want to access a downloadable version of the game on your PC, simply search “Download Clear Vision 5 game for PC” on your search engine. An array of options will be displayed for you in the search results. Open a link and click download for PC. After a few step installation process, Clear Vision 5 would be installed on your PC and ready for you to play!

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Use your mouse to play