Bartender: The Right Mix


Bartender: The Right Mix is a reasonably popular flash game. In this game, you play as a bartender, and your job is pouring, mixing, and then shaking the cocktail. The game revolves around how much quantity you combine the juices and accessories while making the drink. 

Be careful while making the drink so that you add a right ratio of the fluids and other supplements as this generates happy customers. When your customers are pleased, you can score more points. There are also some special combos which earn you a bonus point. Do check them out to increase your points.

You can choose a drink from a variety of drinks available on the shelf ranging from vodka, whiskey, triple sec, and vermouth etc. Mix them well to make an ultimate drink. You can also use lemon and ice to give it a boost. But be aware, any wrong amount or wrong combo can do the worst. So mix cautiously!

The steps are first to add a distillation of your choice. Then add juices like lemon, orange and cranberry. After that, add ice to cool the drink and shake it well. Now your drink is ready to serve, and it is time to know whether you did the right mix or not. Your success is based on customers' satisfaction to please them well.

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  • Left mouse click - to choose items.

  • Click and hold the left button - to pour and shake the drink.

Main Features:

  • Create a number of different combos.

  • Add juices and accessories to the drink.

  • Variety of drinks available on the shelf ranging from vodka, whiskey, triple sec, and vermouth etc


This game can be played in any of your favourite web browsers (both mobile and desktop).


Bartender: The Right Mix developed by the marketing agency, Liquid Ligh.

Release Date:

Bartender: The Right Mix was released in the year 2007.


How To Play Bartender The Right Mix?

The task is pretty simple. You need to pour the materials, then shake it and serve the customer. But as the game name suggests, all the juices should be in a specific amount so that it tastes good and customers stay satisfied.

To make a cosmopolitan the ratio should be 4:3:1:1 of vodka (cranberry juice, lime juice, triple sec respectively). Make sure to leave the space for the ice. And lastly, shake the drink well and garnish it with lemon.

Is Bartender The Right Mix Available to Play on Mobile?

Yes, you can enjoy Bartender: The Right Mix on your mobile phone by simply playing it on your favourite web browser.

Bartender The Right Mix Games Online Pro Tips.

The most important tip is to make the right mix so that the customers remain happy and satisfied, and you get more points. To make a perfect mix, you can pour triple sec for six seconds, lime juice for one second, cranberry for one second and then do its topping with Vodka. Now shake it for 4 seconds. Your perfect drink is ready to serve. 

How To Download Bartender The Right Mix For PC?

Multiples websites/links (i.e. Cnet) are available on the internet to download Bartender: The Right Mix. Choose any of the top listed sites and press the download button.


Use mouse to interact.