Armor Mayhem


Armor Mayhem is an exciting futuristic shooting game. In this action-packed game, humankind is at a crisis. But luckily, infinite energy crystals have been found on another planet. Now you have to battle for power over a limited supply of unlimited power crystals.

Travel into the future, and fight with your opponents in space. Put on a high-tech armoured suit, and fire lasers at your enemies. Use special gun drops, and pick up the most potent weapons and experience the adrenaline rush to decelerate time and conquer! 

You can also boost your health by stepping on the first aid kit so that you are good to rush into the mayhem again. Read through the instructions of each mission and start shooting your enemies like there is no tomorrow!

So are you ready to work as a team and kill all enemies? Find out more about the game, and good luck with Armor Mayhem online on


Following are the Armor Mayhem's default controls:

  • Mouse = aim and shoot

  • W = Jump

  • A = Move left

  • D = Move right

  • S = Pick up things like first aid & weapons

  • Q = Switch weapons

  • E = Give orders

  • R = View Scoreboard

  • SPACE = Use adrenaline

  • Esc = Pause the game

You can also change the controls with the keys of your choice in the main menu.


Armor Mayhem is developed by Louissi, and produced by Armor Games, who have also made various other action-induced games like Raze.

Release Date:

Apple Shooter was officially released in January 2011.


  • Armor Mayhem is so far the only game in the series that provides a campaign for an enhanced arena-battle layout.

  • All of the guns of this game (except the Slow Gun) make a reappearance in the sequel.

  • The announcer will continuously announce kill shouts (e.g. Awesome!) until "I quit" appears. After this, the announcer will not say any kill shouts. However, "..." will appear after each kill you achieve.


What are the climax and resolution of Armor Mayhem?

Armor Mayhem features a full-fledged campaign. In this game, you play to progress through the story and earn money. The money you make will be used to purchase new weapons and armour from the armoury. 


This game presents a story: When Earth is drained of energy and resources, enormous companies set out together on an expeditionary venture to find a new source of life for the human race.

And after years of searching, they finally found a crystalline source of endless energy on a far-away planet. Unfortunately, being corrupted by its power, they turn on one another. And so begins the company-company combat that the series spins around.

Is Armor Mayhem available to download?

Yes, it is! You can download Armor Mayhem from numerous websites, i.e. Software Informer. But why hassle yourself when you can enjoy this addictive game directly on your desktop by visiting This free-of-charge shooting game is powered by Flash to work without trouble in all updated browsers. 

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Can I play other fighting games like Armor Mayhem on Flash Games?

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W: Jump
A,D: Move
S: Pick up things
E: Give orders
R: View Scoreboard
Q: Switch weapons
SPACE: Use adrenaline
Esc: Pause the game