Apple Shooter


Shooting an apple off someone's head is not safe. Don't try it at home; try it in Apple Shooter instead! 

Apple Shooter is an enjoyable archery game where you have to shoot an apple off a person's head. Wolf Games created this online shooting game after being inspired by the legendary archery champion, Wilhelm Tell.

Being a sharp-shooter is what this game demands. In this game, the life of your friend depends on how well you target the apple. In each level, every time you hit the apple, the distance between you and your friend will be farther to make the next shot slightly more challenging.

With increasing levels, the difficulty level also increases. So you should be very careful when you are dealing with the more challenging levels. Adjust the tension of your bowstring, take your time in controlling the power, and aim precisely at the perfect position to perfect the shot and save your friend. 


Aim and shoot with your mouse! Apple Shooter is a mouse-controlled game so that you can enjoy it entirely with simpler functionality. You have to:

  • Precisely locate your cursor on the screen to determine your aim.

  • Draw back the bow by clicking and holding your left mouse button; it will draw tension into the string. Remember that the longer you hold the button, the greater the force of the arrow.

  • Release the mouse button to let the arrow fly. 

Main Features:

  • Easy-to-learn operations.

  • Great for testing your shooting capability.

  • You can play it anytime, anywhere, for FREE.


Apple Shooter is developed by Wolf Games, who have also made various other fun-packed games like Gunblood.

Release Date:

Apple Shooter was officially released in March 2008 and updated to HTML5 in 2016.


Apple Shooter was initially a flash game but has been ported to HTML5 so that people can play it on both desktop and mobile devices. Hence, you can play this addicting game on your Android phones, iPhones, and even on iPads and tablets, sounds cool, right? 

Play this exciting game now and become a fantastic archery warrior!


How to play Apple Shooter?

In this apple shooting game, drag your bow to shoot the apple. The game has 16 levels in total, and as your level increases the distance between you and your target also increases.

If you miss your target, you will be allowed to fire another arrow. But be careful, because if you accidentally shoot your friend, the game will be over. 

Be a good archer, hit the correct spot, and DO NOT shoot the wrong target. Explicit aiming techniques can help your friend survive in Apple Shooter, so never aim badly! 

How to download Apple Shooter for PC?

You can enjoy knocking down apples by downloading Apple Shooter from various platforms like Google Play Store and Microsoft Store etc. There are also many other versions of this game such as Apple shooter 2 and Apple Shooter 3.

Besides Apple Shooter, can I play other fun games on Flash Games?

Yes, there are hundreds of fun games to play on Flash Games like Raze, Combat Online, Bullet Force Multiplayer Shooter, and Call Of Duty.


Use Mouse to interact.