Paintball Racers


Paintball Racers is an exciting 2D racing game in which you race against a bunch of other players in a super-fun contest and strive to reach the finish line first. In this game, you will be driving a car capable of reaching super-fast speeds with additional nitro boosts. You also have your trusty paintball gun by your side to shoot anyone who dares to overtake you.

The platform is fun, but it is not that much easy. Make sure to keep your car safe and try not to get hit by the paintballs that the other vehicles throw at you. Press Z for turbo and use arrow keys to drive the car. Also, staying in the air for some time or driving with only two wheels will give you bonus points. 

There are also some additional items on the way that are worth collecting too! So don't forget to collect coins that are spread out around the track in order to get more points. Try and reach the finish line first, have fun, and win that race! 

Unlike many other racing games, i.e. Presidential Paintball, Space Racers, Paintball, Dirt Racers and 2D Paintball, in this game your task is to use various weapons to blast your enemies to bits. So wait no more and try Paintball Racers on FlashGames247 for FREE! Good luck!


  • Use Left/Right Arrow keys or A/D to tilt

  • Press Arrow Up key to accelerate

  • Press Spacebar to fire the paintball gun

  • Press X key to jump

  • Press Z or Shift key to use turbo

Main Features

  • Side-scrolling view

  • You can purchase boosters to get various advantages

  • Multiple weapons along the track

  • 20 exciting levels to play

  • Amusing sound effects


The Paintball Racers game is developed by Orange Games.

Release Date

This game was initially released as a Flash game in January 2014. Later on, the HTML 5 version was released in September 2018.


  • Web Browser


How To Play The Paintball Racers Game?

In this game, your main objective is to finish the race in the first place. Press Left and Right Arrow Keys to tilt and Arrow Up Key to accelerate. Use the Z key to initiate your turbo. And with each stunt, such as jumping or performing a wheelie, your turbo meter will refill. You can also use four different boosters which you can buy with the coins you have collected. Time to shoot someone! Press Spacebar to fire the paintball gun on the annoying racer who's been tailing you.

Is Paintball Racers Available To Play On Mobile?

Yes, you can play the Paintball Racers game on any device, both Desktops and Mobile phones.

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