Hanger is a fantastic arcade game in which you swing like a spiderman through the air while avoiding the obstacles on the way. Your role is to control a ragdoll character by swinging from one platform to the other by using the ropes. Avoid the spiky objects, including chainsaws that come in the way. The game involves endless swinging, and it is similar to the endless running games except that you swing by the ropes.

The objective of the Hanger is to travel as far as possible through swinging the rope while keeping your limbs. Be careful, do not lose your body parts, or else, you will lose the game on the spot. Your time management is necessary to score high. So neither press too early nor too slow, because both of them will negatively affect your score. Also, collect more money to unlock more features which will make the game more entertaining.

There are different modes for playing the game, such as level mode and endless mode. In level mode, you aim to get maximum stars. While in the endless game mode, you have to beat your friends by going as far as possible.

There are some other games in the series of Hangers like Hanger 2, Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack, and Material Mole. Do give them a try and have fun!


You can play this game on desktop, android and iOS platforms as well.


A Small Game is the developer of Hanger.

Release Date:

Hanger was initially released in September 2010. However, the HTML5 version was released in June 2018.


How To Play Hanger?

Select the mode you want to play and start the game. You have to control the ragdoll character and swing in the air with the help of ropes. Try to go as far as possible while navigating. Also, avoid any obstacles in the way and lose your body parts; otherwise, the game ends.

Is Hanger Available To Play On Mobile?

Yes, you can play the Hanger on your mobile phone for free.

How To Be Good At Hanger?

When you feel it difficult to pass a stage, slow it down and don't hold the forward button the entire time. Slowing down will give you more time to avoid obstacles and protect your body parts from losing. 

You can also slide on objects like balls and platforms as long as you wish until you're at risk of falling off. In this way, you can avoid shooting out the rope. The slowdown tactic would be helpful in endless mode, but you are supposed to keep it fast enough, so you don't get killed by a big monster behind.


Touch and hold to swing. Release to fall
Left Mouse Button - Attach a rope.
Click and hold - to swing