Skate Hooligans


Stake Hooligans is an exciting running game where you play the role of a hooligan and escape from the policeman who is chasing you. This game starts interestingly. The little hooligan, a teenage skater, was playing with his ball, and suddenly the ball hit a window and broke it. A policeman standing nearby came after him, and now the hooligan is skating on his skateboard to escape. Now you've to help him to escape successfully. 

Hooligan needs to drive through three narrow lane roads having many obstacles and running traffic. He has to pass through this road to survive and escape from the policeman chasing. You must swiftly evade without crashing in any object on the way; otherwise, the game will be over. 

Make the maximum score and do collect the coins which appear on the way to purchase the upgrades. You can also buy new skateboards and unlock cool new character hooligans. One more thing that makes the game fabulous is that you'll find the instructions in the game itself. So no need to worry, go and play the game and have fun with the hooligans!

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WASD/Arrow keys - to control the movement of the skater.

Main Features:

  • Attractive 3D graphics

  • Robust sound

  • Different characters to choose from

  • A lot of unique upgrades


You can play Stake Hooligans on your desktop, android phone and tablet. Moreover, this game uses HTML5 to play it on the web browser. 


Gemioli is the developer of the Stake Hooligans game. He has also created other fun games like Yeti Sensation in the past.

Release Date:

Stake Hooligans was released in March 2017.


How To Play Stake Hooligans?

Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys if you're playing on the desktop or laptop. And if you're playing it on your android phone, you can use your finger touch to make the hooligan run.  

Firstly, choose the character and start the game. You have to run through narrow roads full of obstacles and traffic. Whenever you get stuck with the obstacle or come across the traffic, use arrow keys or fingers to move and swipe from that road. So, avoid crashing in any object or else the game is over. Collect the coins on the way, the more coins you have, the more upgrades you can purchase which will make the game more exciting.

Is Stake Hooligans Available To Play On Mobile?

Yes, Stake Hooligans is available to play on the mobile phone. You can easily download the game or play it on your web browser using your mobile.

What Is The Purpose Of Stake Hooligans Plan?

The purpose is to escape on the skateboard from the chasing policeman. The hooligan has to drive through narrow roads and has to face a lot of hurdles on the way. The aim is to escape and avoid crashing with any obstacle. You have to collect the coins on the way as well so you can get the upgrades which make the game more fun.

How To Be Good At Stake Hooligans?

To be good at Stake Hooligans, you need to switch and move as fast as you can so you don't crash or get caught by the policeman chasing behind. The more you play, the more you become an expert in escaping. 


Instructions are in the game