Death Lab


Death Lab is a game best suited for adrenaline junkies. In this game, you will be trapped inside a laboratory, and you have to find an escape route not only for yourself but other prisoners too.

Like most other escapes, this escape will also not be easy. You will face dangerous enemies within the lab. They will be fully equipped and will try their best to put hurdles in your path by constantly opening fire from all directions. So defend against the enemy and simultaneously unleash your weapons at them to win levels.

As you pass each level successfully, you will gain more sophisticated arms which will help you defeat the enemy in a quicker and more sophisticated manner. The game offers you multiple levels with enemies swarming you in waves and the flexibility of choosing the weapon of your own liking to kill the enemies. 

Death Lab is a sophisticated game that requires good aiming and shooting skills. There are also other similar games like Death Lab such as Death Row Diner, Avenue Of Death, and Death Office.


  • WASD or Arrow keys - to move

  • Double-click - to shoot

  • Spacebar - to jump

  • Alt - to crouch

Main Features

  • Simple and addictive gameplay

  • Realistic physics

  • A large number of upgrades available


Death Lab was created by Icestone Ltd Support.

Release Date

Death Lab was released worldwide in an application format in September 2020. 


Death Lab is a third-person shooter game which is available across all browsers. You can also download the Death Lab game on both Android and IOS devices.


How To Play Death Lab? 

The rules of the Death Lab game are simple to comprehend and follow. The synopsis involves the fact that a mad scientist has kidnapped you and locked you up in his laboratory. He will make use of other soldiers to create super soldiers, now you are given the charge to stop this from happening.

You have to work smart rather than work hard. Always aim for the headshots of your enemies because that is the most effective way to get rid of them. If you exercise your ingenuity, make use of newly found weapons and utilise the environmental elements no one can stop you from escaping. Not even your enemies!

Death Lab Games Online Pro Tips

Although not many guides are available to be pro at Death Lab, the most useful tip is to be in an attacking mode rather than a defensive mode. While throwing grenades, always consider the possibility of a rebound. In that case, you can lose your own life, so always try to stay in an area that is free from the possibility of a rebound. Furthermore, always aim directly at the enemy and hide behind boxes if you need a break to reload your arms.

Is Death Lab Available To Play On Mobile?

Yes, Death Lab is definitely available to play on mobile. However, there is a catch. You cannot play the game online on your mobile phone due to flash player restrictions. Therefore, you would have to download the game to enjoy it on your mobile phone.

How To Download Death Lab For PC?

Search the name of the game on your search engine. Look for a trusted website and click on the download now button. After the download is completed, carry out the installation process, and Death Lab will be downloaded on your PC.

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